—  Modern Collection—


The craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets a Noel Dempsey kitchen apart from any other. Our extensive range of materials, finishes and colours combined with the Noel Dempsey design ethos ensure that no two modern kitchens are the same. It is this individual approach to design along with the immaculate alignment of doors, drawers and worktops that has made our Modern Collection so popular. All of the bespoke doors and drawer fronts are carefully hand-sanded and smoothed to create a flawless matte or mirror-like gloss finish.


—  Create your OWN  —


For over 25 years Noel Dempsey has been creating stunning Modern Kitchens for luxury homes all over the world. Our team of award winning designers and master craftsmen will work closely with you, your architect or interior designer to create your own bespoke kitchen. For more information and to arrange a design consultation please contact our head office in Ireland.