The current trend in kitchen design in Ireland is for a painted kitchen. But why is it so popular? In this post I will go through the benefits of a hand painted kitchen over a spray painted finish. A Noel Dempsey hand painted kitchen is installed by our experienced staff in a primed finish. This white undercoat is applied to provide the best possible surface for our painter to apply the three finish coats by hand. All of our hand painted kitchens receive three top/finish coats in your home after our installation team have finished.

A spray painted kitchen is pre-finished in our workshop before it's installed.

The main benefit of choosing a hand painted finish over a spray painted finish is that a hand painted kitchen can be touched up in your home. With a spray painted kitchen the doors must be removed and resprayed in our workshop. So if one of your doors gets damaged or marked throughout its lifetime, it's easier and quicker to repair the damage on a hand painted kitchen.

While we recommend a hand painted finish, our spray painted kitchens are still manufactured with the same high quality materials and are just as durable for everyday life. The versatility of the hand painted finish and ability to repair any damages make it a better choice.

Hand Painted Plain English Kitchen