Modern Collection

To compliment our own collection of hand made bespoke furniture we have partnered with Next125 to offer our clients a premium range of modern German kitchens. After a visit to the Next125 factory in Herrieden Germany and speaking with the family who run the company we knew that they were a perfect fit for our company. The choice of finishes and quality of workmanship, along with the company ethos was something we had been looking for in a German supplier for a number of years.

The Company

Founded by Otto Schuller in 1966 the company is one of the top 5 in the industry. The family run company has been under the management of Markus Schüller, Max Heller and Manfred Niederauer since 2003.

Their factory in the Franconian Herrieden region employs 1,300 people which produce over 100,000 kitchens each year. Every kitchen is individually tailored to each customer and will be fully installed by our own highly skilled team.

Environmentally Friendly

The company is certified with PEFC which shows their commitment for the environment and the responsible use of the indispensable raw and basic material wood. The PEFC initiative works to the conservation and ecological balance of forests and ensures a controlled work flow – independently monitored, completely traceable and guaranteed sustainable. They make an active contribution to environmental protection by responsible production, the use of recyclable materials as well as extensive investments into innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient processes.


ISO 9001: In September 2009  their kitchens were awarded with the quality management certificate ISO 9001, which controls customer orientation and process quality in terms of requirement and satisfaction regarding product and design. The LGA-certification is confirmed by annually testing.

GS seal of approval: The furniture testing institute “LGA-Nürnberg” subjected the current models to a security check. As a result of the test the GS seal of approval was awarded certifying that the imposed requirements like operating comfort, capacity, material consistency and safety are entirely fulfilled.

“Goldenes M”: With the “Goldenes M” the association “Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM)“ awards a mark only intended for furniture which is put to the acid test. The furniture has to be stable, secure, durable and well-processed – and they are not allowed to contain any health-damaging ingredients. Rigorous tests and continuing controls ensure that furniture with the RAL quality mark fulfill the very high requirements of the DGM.

Design Awards

next125 cooking table: The freestanding statement in the middle of the kitchen: the award-winning cooking table from next125. The slanted legs make it an eye-catching pedant and elegant work. The hob melts flush with the surface allowing the clean lines an ideal advantage.


NX 800 flush handle: Clear design and cubic design in the spirit of Bauhaus architecture requires innovative solutions for everyday: This is next125, succeeded with the flush recessed grips that allow easy operation of all drawers and pulls without the loss of the smooth kitchen architecture.

next125 wall-mounted: The kitchen providing ease – the idea is to let it float. Convincing various juries; next125 wall hung design opens up new horizons and offers individual unimagined freedom when planning a kitchen.


next125 cube: Everything in its place: cube offers the principle of order, new space – as an expression of perfect aesthetics. Ordered, closed and clean is the message of the modular cube elements: A fascinating system that has received several awards since 2009.



Available exclusively through Noel Dempsey Design in County Wicklow