Under stairs storage can be a huge benefit to any home.We work to provide modern, custom storage solutions for our clients around Ireland. 

With so many things to find a place for, it can often be useful to have somewhere central to keep the things you use most often, like bags or shoes. Maximising your space like this allows you to remove clutter from other areas of the home. Our storage solutions are all bespoke, designed with your exact space and requirements in mind. We manufacture with the exact slope and angle of your stairs, ensuring that every inch of available space is used. 

In the home to the side, our client wanted extra-deep drawers to hold files, shoes and bags. We created this under stairs storage unit that fitted her requirements while also adding an interesting feature to the house entrance. The storage was hand painted the same colour as the staircase to ensure a streamlined look. 

Contact us with your ideas and we can work together to create the perfect under stairs storage for your home.